We are a professional, time served covers band who loves what we do!

We pride ourselves on our set lists, always thinking outside the norm when we pick our songs. We have all honed our craft through years of practice and together we play in a creative and instinctive way.

We have all the gear AND the right  idea and look forward to seeing you at a venue soon.

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The full band sound will range from Punk to Pop Indie to Rock to full on Funk as we put our own unique slant on what you have heard before.

We will make you say, "I haven't heard that song in ages!

I love that song!"

We also do more low key Saraban acoustic sound; Think - unplugged.

We have a  whole new set list to create a more laid back feel. With songs from such artists as Suzanne Vega, Nora Jones, Del Amitri, Paul Weller and the Corrs, we get back to basics with guitars and vocals. Perfect for a wedding reception, daytime occasions or smaller pub and restaurant settings.

Band FAQs:

What do we get/How much do you charge?

Usual bookings are based on two 45 minute sets (totalling 90 minutes of playing time) with a break inbetween sets. We can play for longer or shorter depending on your needs. The variation in playing time/fees can be discussed on booking...we are affordable and much cheaper than a band booked through an agent!

Saraban Acoustic prices are based on a 2,3 or 4pc and can also be discussed on booking...In other words we have the band to fit your needs and budget

Will we need to pay a deposit?

We have tried to avoid deposits as much as we can but as semi professional musicans we need to safeguard our time and dates so we would ask that you pay a minimum £50 deposit but may vary based on total  fee. The date of your booking wont be confirmed until this is receieved.

If we have a favorite song, can you play it?

If you have any special requests please let us know on booking and we will do our best to add it to the set list.

Do you have your own equipment and insurance?

Our band has all it's own PA system, instruments and lighting. All we need from the venue is electricity and an audience!

If you are booking a band for an event such a wedding or party, most venues require acts to have public liability insurance. We have public liability insurance and all our electrical equipment is PAT tested.

Just relax and enjoy the party.

Sounds Great! How do I get in touch?

Call us on 07816985057 or email info@saraban.co.uk

or find us on Facebook.